New Puppy

So somehow I was able to convince my wife that getting a puppy was a good idea.  It only took, oh, around 8 years.  She seemed to get the new puppy idea out of the blue, and I was more than willing to run with it.  We visted the local shelters, saw a couple contenders, but none that really jumped out.  Since she didn’t grow up with a dog, I wanted to make sure we started off with a calm, relaxed puppy :).  We went on Petfinder and found an adorable lab/sheperd mix and decided he was the one.  Yakima, WA didn’t sound that far!  We made the longer than expected drive, picked up our new addition, and drove home, stopping at her mom’s to show him off.  Obviously the mother-in-law was happy, but I got the feeling that if we had come over with news of a pregnancy she would have been much more exited.  We named him Oliver and have been going through the usual ups and downs and lack of sleep that comes with a puppy.  (Not sure if getting a puppy 2 weeks before a marathon is a great idea)  He is growing quite fast (6 pounds when we got him, made our cat look huge), now he is pushing 30!  He is almost 5 months old.