Golf Tourney – Daly’less

I played in the Pacific University Legends Golf Tourney on Monday at The Reserve Golf & Vineyard (great combo) Club.  It was hosted by Tommy Thayer, a member, guitarist perhaps, of the rock band Kiss, maybe you’ve heard of them?  John Daly was supposed to be there but canceled at the last minute (that is what was going around, take it or leave it).  It was a beautiful day, mid 80’s, the golf course is in great shape, and I got to play with some great guys, including my buddy Chase, the master of disaster at Tursi’s Soccer Store, Jim Brazeau the coach of the Pacific soccer team, and two other Pacific U. coaches, including the golf coach, which was awesome!

Pacific put on a great tournament, open bar, lots of great food, sweet giveaways, and lots of celebrities including George Lopez, Lisa Guerrero, and many more.  I found myself a little jealous, as I am a Willamette University alum, this was a really, really, cool tournament, way cooler that our WU sponsored one.  I guess we just need to get a Kiss band member as a board member.  It was a scramble format, we ended up shooting a 67, not quite good enough to win, but quality considering the Mike’s Hard Lemonade that was consumed.