Start of 6 months of FUN!

Happy New Year

Today I began the training program that should result in a finish at Ironman Couer d’elene, ID.  It seems so easy when the workouts are on the spreadsheet and in the future, but now that I have begun, I am starting to feel the pressure of sticking with a program for the next 6 months and that doesn’t seem like very far away now.  I feel like I have put the pieces in place to be successful and don’t have too many worries…yet!  Interesting article on changing and why we have so many difficulities…and on Oprah so it must be true!

The first swim is in the books, an easy 1600 with drills. 1 down 167 left to go.


Saturday Ride

So after an intense week of increasing mileage in the running arena, today I got to go for a nice long 40 mile ride with Jake.  It was a beautiful day, only somewhat ruined by the Cornell hill, but the rolling hills of Skyline and a flat, wind aided ride back along HWY 30 definitely made it worth every calorie expended.  I feel like I am getting stronger on the bike, and we shall see, as I will be racing the mid-summer triathlon at Blue Lake next weekend.  I still haven’t bought a proper wetsuit yet…may use my dad’s kayaking suit again, even though I have a bit of PTSD from the last Blue Lake Sprint when I almost died (or at least that is what I was telling myself as all the air left my body the moment I put my head down to start swimming).  Anyhow.  Tomorrow I am supposed to do a 12 mile run, even though I have never actually run that far, well, I have, just not all in one go.  I am hoping the weather cooperates and the breeze will be at my back.

Also, tried Recoverite today.  Bought a bunch of different supplements at REI to try, want to see what works the best before I drop a half C note on a tub of powdered glucose.  I will review each here for all those confused by the many names of supplements that sound too good to be true. 

Recoverite: +’s: I feel MUCH better after drinking it.  I guess that is a pretty good plus -‘s Tastes like reclaimed sweat.  Needs to be drunk quickly to aviod this taste, but for some reason feels very filling, making it tough to drink fast. Would I buy a Tub: Maybe, legs feel hundred times better after drinking, but I am hoping to find another that tastes better and has the same effect.