Ironman Update…2 years late

This is summary my wife sent out to all our friends to reassure them I was still alive!

Just wanted to give you an update on the Ironman Coeur d’Alene 2009!  As the subject line implies, Trevor finished it, and not only did he finish, but he was actually smiling each time I saw him on the course!  He prepared really well for this event and had a great nutrition plan in place.  The race was on Sunday, 6/21, and began with the 2.4 mile swim at 7:00 am with a mass start, so imagine 2200 triathletes in black wetsuits all sprinting toward the lake at once…resembled bipedal seals on crack.  CdA was expecting a storm to come through that day, but the weather was sunny for the swim.  It was quite windy, though, which made the water fairly choppy…definitely more of a difficult swim than we were hoping for.  They had to do two loops in the lake, which meant that after the first loop, they had to stand up and run in about a foot of water along the edge of the lake for 10 or so seconds before swimming again…harsh!  I was able to stand in the water (it was a nice 65 degrees) to scream and cheer and shake a cowbell for him, which was great for me to a) support him, and b) see that he was alive.  He completed the swim in 1:26:01.

Then he had to transition to his bike for the 112 mile ride.  The ride was quite hilly, especially around Hayden Lake, so the first lap, the riders were smiling and giving the spectators thumbs up, and then the second lap, they were all just staring down at the ground (understandably)!  Also, the clouds really started to come in about halfway through the ride, so the wind picked up and the temp dropped by about five degrees.  The bike ride was also two loops, so his family and I were able to cheer him on from four different places throughout this part of the race.  He completed the ride in 6:01:58.  No flats, no crashes, and thank goodness, it had not started raining yet….that would have made for a dangerous and miserable ride.

He then had to transition to the run, which was a marathon (26.2 miles).  At this point, the clouds had really grown, the wind increased, the temp dropped another seven degrees and it started pouring!  For the run, they also had to do two loops, and whoever designed the run course should be flogged in the town square.  At their turn around point (halfway through each loop), not only did it go along the lake where the wind was really whipping, but it was fully up hill for about a mile…brutal!  Even the pros had their times affected by this course set up.  It was so cold and wet at this point, the race officials began providing space blankets (bright silver square wraps that you put around the shoulders) to the runners, so it looked like a bunch of futuristic superman capes flying in the wind!  Poor runners!  Again, we were able to make it to about six different cheering points on the run, and made sure to switch up the accessories each time so he didn’t know what he was going to see (would it be sparkly pom poms, or glow stick bracelets and earrings, or more cowbell?  Oh, the suspense for Trev!)  He completed the run in 4:52:28, and he ran the entire time.  He completed this marathon faster than he did the Portland Marathon last fall…amazing!

His overall finishing time was 12:30:28.  I am immensely proud of his accomplishment.  He is sore (there’s a shocker), but not injured in any way, or even that exhausted.  He said that he felt strong during each part, but that he got super bored (true Trevor fashion!).  Anyway, a big THANK YOU to all of you for your support during this time!  It’s done!!!


Start of 6 months of FUN!

Happy New Year

Today I began the training program that should result in a finish at Ironman Couer d’elene, ID.  It seems so easy when the workouts are on the spreadsheet and in the future, but now that I have begun, I am starting to feel the pressure of sticking with a program for the next 6 months and that doesn’t seem like very far away now.  I feel like I have put the pieces in place to be successful and don’t have too many worries…yet!  Interesting article on changing and why we have so many difficulities…and on Oprah so it must be true!

The first swim is in the books, an easy 1600 with drills. 1 down 167 left to go.

New Puppy

So somehow I was able to convince my wife that getting a puppy was a good idea.  It only took, oh, around 8 years.  She seemed to get the new puppy idea out of the blue, and I was more than willing to run with it.  We visted the local shelters, saw a couple contenders, but none that really jumped out.  Since she didn’t grow up with a dog, I wanted to make sure we started off with a calm, relaxed puppy :).  We went on Petfinder and found an adorable lab/sheperd mix and decided he was the one.  Yakima, WA didn’t sound that far!  We made the longer than expected drive, picked up our new addition, and drove home, stopping at her mom’s to show him off.  Obviously the mother-in-law was happy, but I got the feeling that if we had come over with news of a pregnancy she would have been much more exited.  We named him Oliver and have been going through the usual ups and downs and lack of sleep that comes with a puppy.  (Not sure if getting a puppy 2 weeks before a marathon is a great idea)  He is growing quite fast (6 pounds when we got him, made our cat look huge), now he is pushing 30!  He is almost 5 months old.

Race Report Mid Summer Tri – Blue Lake

Pre-Race: Great last two weeks of training, feel very strong from the many runs and I finally feel like I have gained some speed in the pool.  The race was on a Sunday, so Lisa and I decided to take it easy on Saturday and go for a leisurely bike ride over to REI and the Daily Cafe for lunch.  Had a great time navigating the craziness of the Red Bull Flutag at Waterfront Park, finding our way over to the Pearl and taking in the sunshine.  On the way home I fell.  Sweet.  Didn’t break anything, but managed to get my tire stuck in the Streetcar track, stupid mass transit, always gettin’ in my tire’s way.  The great part was that Lisa and I had just passed a gaggle (not sure what to call a large group of beginner bike aficionados, we’ll stick with gaggle) of people and felt pretty smug about our superior riding skills, when someone moved the track right under my front tire.  I wasn’t moving too quickly, but still went somewhat over the handle bars and hit the cement hard.  With both my ego and extremities bruised, I jumped up, got back on the bike and proceeded to blame Lisa for the whole debacle…isn’t that what a supportive wife is for?

Race: Cool…cool weather.  Great for racing as long as the rain stays away.  I used my surfing wetsuit, since I still haven’t bought a proper tri wetsuit…see post race for review of that idea.  Felt much less nervous since I did the Blue Lake Tri in June, second time is much better, knowing that I won’t (probably) drown.

Swim:  Started in the second wave.  This time I stayed where I could touch the bottom until the horn blew, last time I treaded water for 3 minutes because I thought I should be out in the front of the group…smart.  When the race started, I put my head down and proceeded to start swimming.  For the first minute or two I was feeling great, nobody running me over, my stoke feeling good, not freezing to death, this could go well.  Then I was attacked by lake seaweed.  I had failed to sight since I was amazed that I was actually swimming this time instead of looking for the nearest boat to take me back to shore.  I basically swam right back into the shore…I was a good 40 yards wide…no wonder it was quiet.  Despite this early mistake, swim went much better, 16:09.  I think I could have cut a minute or so off if I didn’t get stuck in the seaweed at the beginning.  I did it in 20 and change last time, so nearly 25% better.

T1: Sucked.  I am slow. 3:21. Need to practice this more.

Bike: Very smooth, pushed nearly the entire way, only got passed by one guy who I ended up following the rest of the ride.  I didn’t want to feel like I left anything out on the bike, since it is my best discipline.  So I didn’t, thus my run was slower.  Not sure how much faster I can go on my road bike…maybe .5 mile an hour faster…might need to spend some money on a tri bike, just need to convince the wife. 33:30

T2: Eh, sucked too.  2:00

Run: Thought I felt good, thought I ran faster than last time, but numbers don’t lie, still only averaged about 8 minute miles vs. 8:15 in the prior event.  Need to work on this, I know I can run faster, I will be down in the low sevens by the end of the year, bet on it.  I think doing more (or any) brick workouts would help too.  24:57

Post Race: Not bad. 52nd/205 3rd/9 in Age Group 1:19:57.  Definitely room for improvement.  My friend Aleck defended his crown, barely breaking a sweat, finishing in 1:03:22, that is 3 minutes over the nearest finisher…pretty impressive. 

Post, Post Race:  Yep, need a tri wetsuit, my shoulders are burning today.

Golf Tourney – Daly’less

I played in the Pacific University Legends Golf Tourney on Monday at The Reserve Golf & Vineyard (great combo) Club.  It was hosted by Tommy Thayer, a member, guitarist perhaps, of the rock band Kiss, maybe you’ve heard of them?  John Daly was supposed to be there but canceled at the last minute (that is what was going around, take it or leave it).  It was a beautiful day, mid 80’s, the golf course is in great shape, and I got to play with some great guys, including my buddy Chase, the master of disaster at Tursi’s Soccer Store, Jim Brazeau the coach of the Pacific soccer team, and two other Pacific U. coaches, including the golf coach, which was awesome!

Pacific put on a great tournament, open bar, lots of great food, sweet giveaways, and lots of celebrities including George Lopez, Lisa Guerrero, and many more.  I found myself a little jealous, as I am a Willamette University alum, this was a really, really, cool tournament, way cooler that our WU sponsored one.  I guess we just need to get a Kiss band member as a board member.  It was a scramble format, we ended up shooting a 67, not quite good enough to win, but quality considering the Mike’s Hard Lemonade that was consumed.

Glorious Portland Summer

Well, the rain has begun…after 20 straight days of sunshine, the rain has returned.  It is amazing the impact a little drizzle has on my motivation to exercise.  It isn’t that bad, there is some sun in the 10 day outlook, and the weather has been extra perfect lately, just warm enough to motivate, but not so hot that when you are all dressed up for a run you then go outside and it feels like 100 degrees, promptly causing you to want to turn around to grab a beer and a book.

Saturday Ride

So after an intense week of increasing mileage in the running arena, today I got to go for a nice long 40 mile ride with Jake.  It was a beautiful day, only somewhat ruined by the Cornell hill, but the rolling hills of Skyline and a flat, wind aided ride back along HWY 30 definitely made it worth every calorie expended.  I feel like I am getting stronger on the bike, and we shall see, as I will be racing the mid-summer triathlon at Blue Lake next weekend.  I still haven’t bought a proper wetsuit yet…may use my dad’s kayaking suit again, even though I have a bit of PTSD from the last Blue Lake Sprint when I almost died (or at least that is what I was telling myself as all the air left my body the moment I put my head down to start swimming).  Anyhow.  Tomorrow I am supposed to do a 12 mile run, even though I have never actually run that far, well, I have, just not all in one go.  I am hoping the weather cooperates and the breeze will be at my back.

Also, tried Recoverite today.  Bought a bunch of different supplements at REI to try, want to see what works the best before I drop a half C note on a tub of powdered glucose.  I will review each here for all those confused by the many names of supplements that sound too good to be true. 

Recoverite: +’s: I feel MUCH better after drinking it.  I guess that is a pretty good plus -‘s Tastes like reclaimed sweat.  Needs to be drunk quickly to aviod this taste, but for some reason feels very filling, making it tough to drink fast. Would I buy a Tub: Maybe, legs feel hundred times better after drinking, but I am hoping to find another that tastes better and has the same effect.