Race Report Mid Summer Tri – Blue Lake

Pre-Race: Great last two weeks of training, feel very strong from the many runs and I finally feel like I have gained some speed in the pool.  The race was on a Sunday, so Lisa and I decided to take it easy on Saturday and go for a leisurely bike ride over to REI and the Daily Cafe for lunch.  Had a great time navigating the craziness of the Red Bull Flutag at Waterfront Park, finding our way over to the Pearl and taking in the sunshine.  On the way home I fell.  Sweet.  Didn’t break anything, but managed to get my tire stuck in the Streetcar track, stupid mass transit, always gettin’ in my tire’s way.  The great part was that Lisa and I had just passed a gaggle (not sure what to call a large group of beginner bike aficionados, we’ll stick with gaggle) of people and felt pretty smug about our superior riding skills, when someone moved the track right under my front tire.  I wasn’t moving too quickly, but still went somewhat over the handle bars and hit the cement hard.  With both my ego and extremities bruised, I jumped up, got back on the bike and proceeded to blame Lisa for the whole debacle…isn’t that what a supportive wife is for?

Race: Cool…cool weather.  Great for racing as long as the rain stays away.  I used my surfing wetsuit, since I still haven’t bought a proper tri wetsuit…see post race for review of that idea.  Felt much less nervous since I did the Blue Lake Tri in June, second time is much better, knowing that I won’t (probably) drown.

Swim:  Started in the second wave.  This time I stayed where I could touch the bottom until the horn blew, last time I treaded water for 3 minutes because I thought I should be out in the front of the group…smart.  When the race started, I put my head down and proceeded to start swimming.  For the first minute or two I was feeling great, nobody running me over, my stoke feeling good, not freezing to death, this could go well.  Then I was attacked by lake seaweed.  I had failed to sight since I was amazed that I was actually swimming this time instead of looking for the nearest boat to take me back to shore.  I basically swam right back into the shore…I was a good 40 yards wide…no wonder it was quiet.  Despite this early mistake, swim went much better, 16:09.  I think I could have cut a minute or so off if I didn’t get stuck in the seaweed at the beginning.  I did it in 20 and change last time, so nearly 25% better.

T1: Sucked.  I am slow. 3:21. Need to practice this more.

Bike: Very smooth, pushed nearly the entire way, only got passed by one guy who I ended up following the rest of the ride.  I didn’t want to feel like I left anything out on the bike, since it is my best discipline.  So I didn’t, thus my run was slower.  Not sure how much faster I can go on my road bike…maybe .5 mile an hour faster…might need to spend some money on a tri bike, just need to convince the wife. 33:30

T2: Eh, sucked too.  2:00

Run: Thought I felt good, thought I ran faster than last time, but numbers don’t lie, still only averaged about 8 minute miles vs. 8:15 in the prior event.  Need to work on this, I know I can run faster, I will be down in the low sevens by the end of the year, bet on it.  I think doing more (or any) brick workouts would help too.  24:57

Post Race: Not bad. 52nd/205 3rd/9 in Age Group 1:19:57.  Definitely room for improvement.  My friend Aleck defended his crown, barely breaking a sweat, finishing in 1:03:22, that is 3 minutes over the nearest finisher…pretty impressive. 

Post, Post Race:  Yep, need a tri wetsuit, my shoulders are burning today.