Saturday Ride

So after an intense week of increasing mileage in the running arena, today I got to go for a nice long 40 mile ride with Jake.  It was a beautiful day, only somewhat ruined by the Cornell hill, but the rolling hills of Skyline and a flat, wind aided ride back along HWY 30 definitely made it worth every calorie expended.  I feel like I am getting stronger on the bike, and we shall see, as I will be racing the mid-summer triathlon at Blue Lake next weekend.  I still haven’t bought a proper wetsuit yet…may use my dad’s kayaking suit again, even though I have a bit of PTSD from the last Blue Lake Sprint when I almost died (or at least that is what I was telling myself as all the air left my body the moment I put my head down to start swimming).  Anyhow.  Tomorrow I am supposed to do a 12 mile run, even though I have never actually run that far, well, I have, just not all in one go.  I am hoping the weather cooperates and the breeze will be at my back.

Also, tried Recoverite today.  Bought a bunch of different supplements at REI to try, want to see what works the best before I drop a half C note on a tub of powdered glucose.  I will review each here for all those confused by the many names of supplements that sound too good to be true. 

Recoverite: +’s: I feel MUCH better after drinking it.  I guess that is a pretty good plus -‘s Tastes like reclaimed sweat.  Needs to be drunk quickly to aviod this taste, but for some reason feels very filling, making it tough to drink fast. Would I buy a Tub: Maybe, legs feel hundred times better after drinking, but I am hoping to find another that tastes better and has the same effect.


One response to “Saturday Ride

  1. Very entertaining, I will check in again. I should start a blog also, although like my facebook profile I would probably update it every 6 weeks. If that.
    good luck

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